Sunday, March 29, 2009

11 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill

As I promised, I will be blogging about some helpful homeowner tips over the next couple months as part of my "maintenance series". Most recently I was reading up on ways to save energy costs and I found some really good advice. I hope you find these tips as useful as I did. Remember, if you or a friend has any mortgage or real estate questions, you can call or email me any time.


  • One of the easiest ways to cut your heating and cooling bill is to make sure that your attic has 7 inches (R-22) or more (up to R-49) of fiber glass or rock wool insulation.

  • A simple step we often ignore-replace or clean your AC vents once a month.
  • Don't leave your bathroom ventilator running longer than necessary, as it can drain your entire house of cooled or heated air in about an hour.

  • Don't leave the fleu of your fireplace open when not in use.
  • During the summer keep your drapes closed in the heat of the day. In the winter keep the south facing window drapes open.

  • Make sure all windows are caulked and weather-stripped to save 10% off your H/AC bill.

  • White window shades or blinds will deflect the heat away from your house.

  • Lower hot water costs by installing low-flow shower heads and faucets.

  • Insulate your water heater and set its thermostat at 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • You can cut up to 50% off your lighting costs by replacing 25% of the bulbs in your main-use areas with fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights are more expensive but also last 6-10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

  • Plant trees ASAP. Well placed trees will not only lower your energy costs but will increase the curb-appeal of your home and make your yard a more enjoyable place to be.

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